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Welcome to The Frontier Fishing Gazette - New Zealand.

This site is devoted to fishing in New Zealand, which is often described as an Angler's Paradise.

We have chosen the Yellow-Eyed Penguin as our mascot. The single penguin species restricted to the New Zealand region, the Yellow-Eyed is renowned for its oceanic angling prowess, grace and sense of humour. An exquisite and playful creature, we look to our talisman, Gregory The Yellow-Eyed, for luck.

Trout were introduced in New Zealand over 100 years ago into gin-clear rivers and lakes replete with good food. In these circumstances, having few natural enemies, it is unsurprising that the fish flourished and continue to grow to a very large size.

The pursuit of trout in New Zealand is viewed as a national birthright. Anyone with a valid angler's license may fish New Zealand lakes and rivers. With only several exceptions, there is an absense of riparian rights to restrict one's access to fishable water. The preservation of this public access is enshrined in legislation referred to as "The Queen's Chain." Once on the water, the angler is free to roam countless miles in search of trout adventure, free-of-charge and without hinderance.

With pure water, public access, large fish (and Gregory looking over our shoulders), New Zealand remains an Angler's Paradise.


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