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The Aparima River

This medium-sized, easy flowing river caters for all types of fishing, especially fly, and is well stocked with brown trout. It is subject to occasional flooding, but clears quickly and when normal is readily wadable at most points. When low and clear, careful approach with light gear is necessary, as the fish are shy. In the settled summer weather, the evening rise can be quite spectacular.

The Aparima runs generally in a north to south direction, so a south to west breeze is most favourable to the dry fly angler, but interesting fishing can be had under the willows during the summer north-west gales, when fish are feeding on willow grubs.

Hatches occur on mild evenings and at irregular intervals during the day. On sunny, calm afternoons mayfly hatches can be spectacular.


Information courtesy of and excerpted from
Southland Fish and Game Council's book
"Trout Fishing in Southland New Zealand"
an invaluable publication containing 90 pages
of river and lake information, maps, access
points and strategic recommendations.

This publication is available from:

Southland Fish & Game Council
P.O. Box 159
Invercargill, New Zealand
Phone: 64-3-214-4501
Fax: 64-3-214-4352


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