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The Southland Fish & Game Council has erected "Anglers Access" sign boards where possible on some rivers. As these access places are not always permanent, they have not been marked on maps, but from time to time a revised description of these places is published. The pamphlet is available from Southland sports shops and from Southland Fish & Game.

Where "Anglers Access" sign boards are erected, the access in most cases takes the angler through private property where permission for angler access has been kindly granted by the landowner. The Council has gone to a good deal of trouble to have these sign boards erected and every care should be taken by anglers to maintain continued harmony with landowners at these points. It may sometimes be found that a "Temporarily Closed" cover sign is erected over the "Anglers Access" sign. Please respect this as the farmer no doubt has a good reason for having it up.

In addition to these places marked with an "Anglers Access" sign board, there are many hundreds of places where permission to pass through private property will be readily granted to the thoughful angler who takes the trouble to ask permission. It is very rarely that anglers are refused permission to pass through private property if they ask before they enter. By adhering to a few Do's and Don'ts, anglers can do much to maintain good relationships with landowners and help to preserve the privilege of access to rivers through private property.

damsel1DO'S & DONT'S

damsel1DO - ask permission if you wish access through private land.

damsel1DO - ask permission if you wish to camp on private land.

damsel1DO - put cast sheep on their feet and notify the farmer.

damsel1DO - protect nesting gulls and wading birds.

damsel1DO - carry your fishing license with you.

damsel1DON'T - take guns and rifles on to private land.

damsel1DON'T - take sporting and pet dogs and left them run among stock.

damsel1DON'T - dig for worms in farmer's paddocks.

damsel1DON'T - leave your locked car parked in gateways.

damsel1DON'T - cut or break trees.

damsel1DON'T - leave paper or rubblish lying around.

damsel1DON'T - break bottles.

damsel1DON'T - pick mushrooms, turnips etc. without asking.


Information courtesy of and excerpted from
Southland Fish and Game Council's book
"Trout Fishing in Southland New Zealand"
an invaluable publication containing 90 pages
of river and lake information, maps, access
points and strategic recommendations.

This publication is available from:

Southland Fish & Game Council
P.O. Box 159
Invercargill, New Zealand
Phone: 64-3-214-4501
Fax: 64-3-214-4352


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